The Minskoff Theatre
New York, New York
The Minskoff Theatre is situated on the third floor of a fifty-five-story office tower located on Broadway and West 45th Street. At the time of the Theatre’s opening in 1973, Robert A. Jacobs of the architectural firm, Kahn and Jacobs told PlayBill of his design: “A theatre that is thirty-five feet in the air is quite an innovation”. Today, thirty six years later, the theatre design firm of Maricua Brancoveanu brings The Minskoff to a new level of innovation. Ernest Neuman Studios proceeded to execute Mariuca’s vision which was in keeping with the original modernist aesthetic of the theatre. Today’s design consists of two-dimensional sculptural art work and lighting medallions that adorn the expansive lobbies and soaring escalator walls and ceilings. Additionally, flanking the stage on both proscenium walls are two architecturally inspired murals.

We created wood elements from Mariuca’s design renderings then added clay textures and details to the wood. Molds were then created from the wood master-designs. Plaster casts were then created from these molds. We produced and installed over 700 plaster panel elements and 350 plaster light medallions. Applications of composition gold leaf, aluminum leaf, copper leaf and transparent glazes were applied to the elements.

The new design is in keeping with the architect’s original vision of a series of forms, changes in ceiling heights and spatial vistas. Not only does the multi-level glass front of the theatre offer a spectacular view of the Great White Way, it also allows the bright lights of the Time Square to reflect off of the new sculptural art work. This play-of-light adds new dimension and “excitement to the theatre-goer’s procession up massive escalators, through grand lobbies and into the theatre”.

The project was completed in time for The Nederlander’s opening of Disney’s Lion King which relocated from the New Amsterdam Theatre to the Minskoff in early June.

Project Team:
Designs by Mariuca Brancoveanu
Ernest Neuman Studios
Photo 8: Mural